Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Awesome Collars

The other day, my mom and I discovered a doggie shop in Jamaica Plain (JP is a suburb of Boston, MA) called Hounds & Company. It was a lovely store with a nice mix of both necessities (paw pad balm, all-natural dog food, greenies) and luxuries (beaded bandanas, hand-painted doggie bowl mats). They also have a smattering of kitty stuff. I was impressed with their selection of collars. It is so rare to find dog collars that are both well-designed and also attractive! A collar or harness must be, above all, safe, comfortable and secure. I like (okay, I love) attractive things, but safety first! So I was overjoyed to discover the adorable collar selection at Hounds & Company. the brands I purchased were from Preston and RC. I can't seem to find a web site for either of these companies, so if anyone has any info, please let me know and I'll post it.
I also want to put in a mini-plug for my favorite harnesses ever. they are created by a small company in NH called Critter Gear. The harnesses are very well-made, with consideration to both safety and attention to detail. Daisy and Ruby use Critter Gear harnesses exclusively. I will try and take a pic of them in their harnesses for you - not only to show off the high quality of the harnesses, but also because the fabric designs are quite adorable! For those of you who need a choke-style collar for your doggie, they also have these fabulous soft choke collars of their very own design. My mom bought one for her greyhound, Sam, and it is really comfy on Sam, yet also does the job of a choke collar as well.

Pictured: Daisy wears Popsicle Sticks (Preston), Ruby wears Hawaiian Flowers in red (RC). Top picture shows Preston collars: Daisy collar for Daisy, Dragonflies for Ruby. (Wouldn't Daisy look smashing in her Popsicle collar wearing a Pup-sicle t-shirt?)

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