Thursday, August 18, 2005

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I read a story yesterday about a woman who adopted a dog that was previously deemed 'unadoptable', due to his looks and health problems. It's sort of a doggie/doggie-mom "love story". It's a very cute and funny story, and there are parts to the story that I think everyone who is in love with their pet can relate to, especially the parts about Sam's skin conditions! (Okay, I'm projecting...) I think that Sam is kind of cute, actually! Well, maybe "unconventionally cute" is a better way to put it.

Another doggie that also received a second chance (and also got a shot of super - doggie - stardom along the way) is little Mr. Winkle! His owner actually found him by the side of the road, when she was driving. She didn't even know what kind of animal he was (which is understandable since he looks like a cross between a bunny, a chihuahua and Snuggle). I guess that somewhere along the way, they figured out that he is a dog. He does resemble a stuffed animal though, doesn't he?? I would LOVE to do a portrait of little Mr. Winkle....

Speaking of rescued doggies, the pug I mentioned yesterday has an incredible story, himself: He is 16.5 years old, and has been through so many hardships in his little doggie life. He has had numerous health problems as well as dental problems, had been neglected - and after everything has come out the other side - - alive and kicking after being adopted at an older age by a wonderful doggie-mom who is obviously madly in love with him, and cares for him very well. It's staggering to realize that some domestic animals go through so many more - and sometimes also some much rougher - hardships in this life, than some people ever go through. Yet it seems like they never lose their capacity for love, their capacity to love, or their capacity to trust us again. It's pretty amazing to think about. In all honesty, I could take a lesson from them, in some cases. Sometimes I think they're too good for this world - but then I think, what would this world be without them?

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