Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bowl-ing For Doggars! (sorry..)

Pictured: Daisy & Ruby cup & saucer set that I made for Autumn (in 2004): Ruby on one side of cup (left), Daisy on the other (right)

My friend Autumn and I went pottery painting last Saturday! It was a blast. She's visiting from England, and she's only here for 6 weeks this summer, so we like to do something fun and creative at least once while she is here (she's got a pretty packed schedule). Pottery painting seems to suit us as a fun, leisurely activity. We went pottery painting last year as well, and it was a lot of fun. Last year, I made a cup and saucer set for her, decorated with designs of my pugs, Daisy and Ruby. This year, she made a cute cat and dog dish for her folks' pets, Moggie (cat) and Emmet (dog). The pottery was ready to be picked up today, and though I didn't get to see her finished pottery yet, she brought me the two bowls that I made. I designed the two bowls I painted with a "Ruby & Daisy and their brand new collars" theme (see Monday's post to see the collars).

Pictured below: Daisy & Ruby And Their New Collars -themed large soup bowls: Daisy "Daisy" bowl (green), Ruby "Dragonflies" bowl(red/rust)

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