Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I'm shellshocked by the tragedy happening on the Gulf Coast, in the wake of Katrina. The Tsunami was horrible. The flooding in Haiti was horrible. This is happening in our own backyard. And, as upsetting and tragic as those disasters were (and still are, as I am sure the rebuilding slowly but surely continues), we are witnessing a huge tragedy of epic proportions right here, of our own people, in our own country, and encompassing one of the United States' greatest, most unique, most creatively diverse and inspiring, most architecturally beautiful, most culturally and socially complex cities in this country. This is an absolute nightmare coming true, before our very eyes.

While I brainstorm other ways in which I can contribute to Red Cross Katrina Relief, I am offering a selection of signed, archival art prints of some of my favorite pieces, and donating 100% of the proceeds to Red Cross Katrina Relief. I am offering each signed print for $28.95 ($25 + 3.95 USPS priority shipping cost). I'm also donating any portrait deposits I receive on new pet portrait orders (25% of the total cost), but that is neither here nor there, really. I just wanted to share that because it is another way I am helping, and I feel good about it. I couldn't afford to donate 100%, but I think 25% is pretty good.

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