Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bark: a seriously great magazine

Bark is just a fabulous magazine in all respects. I think it transcends the medium, actually, if that's possible for a magazine. Each issue is so packed with full-bodied writing, it truly is like The New Yorker for dogs. Time and time again, I've let my subscription to the New Yorker run out - - not because I don't love the magazine, but because there is simply too much to read within the time span of a week! I ended up feeling guilty every time a fresh issue would arrive and I still hadn't conquered the one from two weeks before. It got to be a relay race; an additional stress I couldn't keep up with. Bark is published quarterly, which is a schedule I've thus far been able to handle.

In this month's issue, there is a photo gallery of orphaned dogs along with a brief article. Both broke my heart. Load up on tissues before you sit down with the photo spread. There's also a feature on a couple of sculptors who use found objects to make these outrageous, ornate yet technically controlled pet sculptures - which are part baroque mosaic and part outsider art. They're masterpieces.

Mary Engel

Lisa Kokin
(disclaimer: this site is her gallery representation site,
and does not show her dog art work mentioned in Bark)

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