Saturday, September 03, 2005

Favorite Places and Memories of NO

Katrina Relief ~ Friday, Sept. 2: Donation: $50.00
Grand Tally thus far: $185.00

Today ~ Sat., Sept. 3 ~ on track to donate: $75.00

Ok, you knew this was coming...I'm reminiscing.
We'll be back to N.O. when they are ready to have visitors back again..with open hearts and open wallets.

Favorite places to eat:

Mother's - yum yum yum yum. YUM yum yum yum yum....

Cafe Du Monde

Liborio Cuban Restaurant

ACME Oyster House

Johnny's Po Boy's
They're grrrrrrreat!

Napoleon House

Home of the most delicious toasted muffalletta, verrrry relaxed atmosphere and service, crumbling, charmingly graffiti'd walls (and of course, the pimm's cup, too)

Leah's Pralines

(the soft ones are the BEST!!!)

Aunt Sally's

Wow, these are good - I might like them even better than Leah's

Favorite places to go and things to do:

The Wax Museum

the Garden District neighborhood
So beautiful, and old, with 300-400 year old trees

Magazine Street shops

New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

Anne Rice's house in the Garden District

Audubon Zoo - cute animals!!

Times I will never forget:

-Seeing Anne Rice's shop. It's oddly quaint and strangely odd
(...and I couldn't find a web site for it)

-Getting through an entire five-day New Orleans eating extravaganza and then being sent over the edge on the last day by one single Krispy Kreme lemon-filled donut. Those things are poison! Speaking of which...

-Those beignets at Cafe Du Monde. I know they're horrible for you, but there is nothing else like them

-Getting a take-out burger from the Hard Rock Cafe, on our first-ever trip there - - because:
1) we got in so late
2) it was right across the street
3) and I was totally uninitiated in New Orleans where-to-go-for-good-food knowledge at the time!
If only I knew then what I know now! :)

-Acme Oyster House - sitting at the bar and eating two dozen oysters with a couple of Miller Lites (or Dixie's). They always give you three dozen (or, rather, they just seem to always give you e-x-t-r-a...) and somehow, we always seem to get the same oyster-shucking man, time after time, year after year. Also, I must mention that while the raw oysters get all the glory here (and certainly are worthy of the acclaim), the real hidden gem in this place is the fried oyster po' boy!!! mmmm-mmmm, deee-licious!!

-Visiting the charming, rinky-dink Wax Museum

-Window shopping in the Quarter, and all of the old antique shops lining the streets (that they really don't seem to want you to buy anything in) and art galleries (including the Blue Dog one)

-The few times that we've had a bad meal. In N.O., it's tough to get a bad meal - so when you do, it's just not something you easily forget

-Falling off the treadmill and into the nearby exerciser at the New Orleans Fitness Center. Talk about embarrassing moments.

-Buying Sharony Green paintings, and looking at all of the art work, at the Peligro Folk Art Gallery

-My first time on Canal Street ever. Felt like NYC to me.

-Having sushi in New Orleans on our last day of vacation, at Samurai Sushi

-Seeing all of the pugs-New Orleans is a city full of pugs (and dog lovers in general) !! :)

-Being cornered for an hour and a half of my life by the man trying to hard-sell us into a time share.

Places I've always wanted to go, but never have:

Dooky Chase's
The pie lady on Magazine St (what's the name of her place...)

I wish I ...
-ate more beignets.
-discovered Mother's sooner in my life.
-bought more folk art from Peligro.
-took a guided tour of a graveyard - if, for no other reason, than to just take many photos of the amazing above-ground tombs.

Katrina Relief ~ Friday, Sept. 2: Donation: $50.00 Grand Tally thus far: $185.00
Today Saturday Sept. 3 - on track to donate: $75.00

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