Friday, September 02, 2005

Full weekend ahead

{ Pictured: me and the metal monkeys at the Audubon Zoo, New Orleans, Dec. 2003}

This weekend will be a busy one for my painting, and I'm really looking forward to it! I will be completing three paintings and will send them out next week. One of them features two adorable, feisty little Pomeranians (Link & Leila), another one stars Nina & Violet. Violet's a chihuahua (SO cute - long haired, caramelish rusty colored coat, adorable face, smiling eyes...and smiling face, too) and Nina is the cutest cock-headed little Yorkie you ever saw, with a funny habit of lifting one of her paws in a delicate lady-like way. I'm also painting a very sweet doggie named Abby-Gail, a now-deceased (may she rest in peace) doggie who had a penchant - and an apparent immunity - to chocolate!! I hope the portrait brings her family some comfort.

Thurs. Sept. 1 Donation:
Grand Tally thus far: $135.00

Edited To Add - NEW TOTAL - Friday, Sept. 2:

Friday, Sept. 2 Donation: $50.00 Grand Tally thus far: $185.00

Read The Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan's column today (09/02/05)

{Pictured l to r below: Johnny's Po-Boy sandwich shop in the French Quarter,
The Steak Pit on Bourbon St., and Court of Two Sisters restaurant in the Quarter}

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