Monday, September 12, 2005

Fun with symbols

Katrina Update: $465.00 Donated thus far

I'm symbol-crazy. If you can't tell from this my paintings, then I'll just wear it on my sleeve here: I love stars, moons, hearts of all kinds. I also love any little flora or fauna symbols: inchworms, ladybugs, butterflies, flowers, leaves. I also love doggie and kitty symbols, of course: bones of all kinds, toys, collars, crowns (because all of our pets are royalty, right?)

I saw this crescent moon and star necklace the other day (which I LOVED, albeit it's a little out of my price-range...) and I started thinking (again...because i've thought about it before) about pet-symbol jewelry for us humans, and how I'd love to see some that I might actually wear. I did find some; didn't find as much as I'd like, but I did find some, and some is a start!

Crescent Moon & Star

Gold Crown

Cute Doggie-Bone Earrings

Bone Bracelets

Bone Stud Earrings

Very Small Bone Stud Earrings


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