Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A print of every stage of your pet portrait?

Katrina Update 9/13/05: $490.00 Donated to Red Cross

Yesterday, one of my clients told me that she really loved her pencil sketch, and of course this made me very happy, but it also got me thinking more seriously about the metamorphosis of the piece, and how unique it is in every stage. I wondered if my clients would be interested in having a print of the artwork in every stage of the piece. Maybe something is captured in one stage that is replaced with something else in another. It's the nature of the process for this to occur and it's nothing you can control, really, which is one of the cool things about it. Interesting things can come up which were never anticipated in the beginning. After reading this client's feedback, I thought it might really make a difference to a person, to be able to have a print of the sketch and also of the ink drawing, in addition to the finished portrait.

I've been thinking about offering a new special package: In addition to the original custom pet portrait, you would also get unlimited revisions to your pencil sketch (usually, the first revision is included, and then for additional revisions I charge $50 an hour. But still, no revisions can be done after the pencil sketch, that part wouldn't change) as well as two signed archival prints: one of the completed pencil sketch, and one of the finished ink drawing. The cost would be about $40 - $60 more for this (I have to crunch the numbers).

I would love to hear any feedback on this. If you have an opinion, please let me know your thoughts! :) Thanks!

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