Thursday, September 29, 2005

Skateboarding Dog

Back when I was first beginning to do the pet portrait commissions (and I also had some extra time on my hands), a friend sent me this web site about a bulldog named Tyson. This was not just any bulldog. Tyson is a fearless athlete! I instantly wanted to do his portrait.

My first glimpse of Tyson was watching a video of him skateboarding around his beachy California town. I have to say - I laughed, I cried! Every tip of the board left me biting my knuckles in nervousness that this feisty little sausage-shaped dog would lose his footing! I sighed in relief every time he made it...and made it, and made it, again and again! The balance this doggie possesses is uncanny, especially for one of his heft and structure (all muscle, I am sure). Watching Tyson doing his thing is a pretty incredible sight. I never get tired of watching these clips. It gives me the similar feeling of being in an Imax theater, watching a travelling sky view of the landscape of the earth - - like you are right there, balancing through the air!

I have yet to do Tyson's portrait, but I would still love to do it one day, when I have a moment.
Go Tyson!!

Another Tyson movie
Yet another Tyson movie
...and one more

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