Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Something fun, and something else really cool!!

Katrina Relief Update: $285.00 donated thus far

Celebrity Dog Blog
I happened upon this site last week, which houses all the photos you could ever ask for of celebrities with their four-legged best friends. It just so happens that I'd been pining away for such a resource for quite awhile now. Googling the names of famous doggies which I wanted to get to know better was proving to be a losing battle: Googling "Martha Stewart" (Jennifer Garner's dog) certainly never got me anywhere near the realm of a beloved yellow lab, and Googling the word "Solomon" (one of Oprah's dogs) fetched only link after link about Toni Morrison's novel , "Song of Solomon" (coincidentally, Oprah's dog's namesake). So, if you can deal with all the celeb preening (or, alternately, if you get a kick out of it) then this site's for you! I myself plan to make it a regular stop on my online-errand list!


I read about this next topic in the Design*Sponge blog. It's a web site which is serving as a go-between for designers who've lost their livelihood due to Hurricane Katrina, and those of us who can offer some semblance of 'creative professional' help for them, a means to get going again! What an excellent idea!! A great way to help that feels more meaningful than just shelling out dollars (although shelling out the dollars is just as important!!)



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