Tuesday, October 04, 2005


A client asks for a revision to the first sketch maybe 50% of the time. Here is a first sketch revision to Chaucer. The left (top) sketch shows my fist sketch of Chaucer. The
(left bottom) one shows Chaucer smaller all around, and less fluffy. As you can see, the dog is obviously the same dog, but there are minute differences in the way certain features are captured that can change a lot about the expression, on the whole.

The third (top right) drawing is the inked in sketch. It looks completely different than the sketch, it is basically a bare-bones skeleton of the sketch. I have left subtle (probably imperceptible, if you're not looking for it) clues on the paper to assist in the painting process - so I get the eyeball highlights correct, so I get the highlights on Chaucer's hair correct etc. I also look at the photo of Chaucer the entire time I am painting as reference. I am chained to my iPhoto!

The last pic shows the finished painting. It has the most in common probably with the second sketch than it does with the ink drawing. I think in many ways, when I do the sketch, I'm plotting out a lot of the hues and the depth which will happen when I paint, even though most of the pencil gets erased first. I still have a mental image of what I need to do that was laid out when I drew it. A lot of visual memory is used.

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