Saturday, October 15, 2005

pet portrait business philosophy 101

It's astonishing how much time I actually spend on my business doing things other than pet portraiture. Promotion, marketing, design and too many ideas to count are vying for my attention and threaten to swallow me up! It's part of the business, I know. Part of creating a successful business is keeping all of the balls in the air, at any given time. I have pet portrait stores to get live, case studies to create and post, christmas cards to make and have printed, promotional materials to create. Oh yeah! And pet portraits to do! The reason why I am here!

I'm excited because I get to paint today, and I haven't painted in a few weeks. I get excited about every painting I am about to dive into. They're all so different, unique and fun to work on, and each presents it's own special set of challenges. I'm telling you, it is just so nice to have the work and to be able to keep up my practice of painting, period! I was talking to my dad last weekend, and I mentioned that it is truly a huge thing when you can find a way in your life to do the thing that you really feel you have to offer the world. Drawing and painting really is 'my thing to offer'. I am so happy to be doing it as a regular practice these days, and I am also so proud of the way I have chosen to do it.

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