Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday update

Had the epidural steroid injection today. I have been resting all day long. I hope that this helps!! I've read that the chances of success are 50/50, but my doctor said it was 80/20. Should I take the better odds? ;) I hope I am less sore tomorrow - the site where the shot was given is quite sore. I've had no adverse affects other than soreness though! I've been given 2 - 5 days as the initial window to see/feel improvents. I will be doing a lot of standing on my toes for the next week, as a barometer of improvement!

On the doggie front, turns out Ruby's UTI is resistant to the antibiotics that the vet initially put her on, so tonight she will be starting a new, more aggressive (and longer, too - up to 9 weeks!) treatment. They discovered this through a urinalysis (or was it a urine culture? One of those, anyway - and they put her on a broad antibiotic for ther time being until they discovered the more detailed results). Luckily, she has not shown any signs of discomfort thus far; she is still her usual sweet and chipper self. I am bracing myself for her to feel a bit sluggish with the new medication, though. It's bound to happen, and if it doesn't, then I will take that as a gift!

On the portraiture front: I'm still working at the moment on Novia, the NYC kitty, Norbert the Basset Hound in Great Britain, and Ritzie the Queen of the Kitties. Keeping fingers crossed for improvements this week so that I can continue at a more steady pace, sooner rather than later! :)

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