Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday Update on stuff!!

I did some drawing this week, and have drawn in all of Novia the NYC kitty. It looks FAB and I can't wait to paint it in. It has a magical, folk-arty quality to it (at least currently, it does) and I really like it a lot. I have almost completed the ink drawing of Ritzie as well. It's really looking great-- very detailed and ornate. I look forward to the painting in this one because it will really affect the whole spacial aspect of the piece so much. For one thing, I deliberately kept the background right behind Ritzie sort of sparse, in order to keep the 'spotlight' on Ritzie, since she is so embellished in royal garb, as well as the fact that she is a Calico and has a very interesting and detailed pattern to her fur. There are windows behind her (looking out onto a castle compound), but I did not add in any topiaries between the windows, as I briefly considered (sometimes, less is more - and that can be a hard - but good - lesson). Norbert the London Basset Hound is going to be great - look forward to ink drawing him in. I'm still waiting to hear on a revision (I removed his monocle and his little tongue sticking out) and once I get the go-ahead, I'll tackle that one as well.

She seems to be doing well, but the new antibiotics are not agreeing with her. She's thrown up small amounts a couple of times, and I feel so terrible for her. I am now wondering if perhaps they could give us the same medication in a different form - drops, maybe??

My Back:
Today makes three days since my treatment (the injection was Monday in the a.m.). I definitely feel much better than before the shot, but I still am having some leg pain, which started this morning at 5 a.m.. I need to ride this out and just keep up my PT and icing and see where I am in a couple of weeks. I really wish I just had someone knowledgeable about the ins and outs and ups and downs of this whole injury and process, someone who could answer my questions based on their own experiences with other patients; someone who could say "Yes, you should do that" or "No, stop doing that". My Physical Therapy office is totally booked and getting a solid meeting is like pulling teeth. It's a wonder anyone gets better on this schedule. It's frustrating. I know they are busy, but this is important. I made an appointment a few weeks ago with this place in Boston called the Spine Center, for my PT and treatment. the meeting is for December 5. I told myself that I would give the place I am going until then to give me measurable, sustainanble results. If I am not satified, it's goodbye, (insert name of the place I am going now - - okay, twist my arm-- it's Harvard Vanguard), and hello, Spine Center.

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