Thursday, December 22, 2005


I just want to say a big Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope everyone is able to find a moment or two to relax during all this craziness. I barely have, but I am making the extremely important time to do my stretches and back and abdominal exercises, to stay healthy and strong, now that me and my back are on the mend! I guess I am EXTRA happy and excited and thankful this holiday season because just a month ago I was in terrible, rough, debilitating shape with my back (I have a bulging disc if you are out of the loop), and now, I feel like a whole new person. I feel like my old self' again, but with more knowledge, experience, much wiser, and more careful.
I still have back and leg pain every day, but now I know more about it, how to help it, and believe me, knowledge IS power!! I know we see the quote often enough, but when it comes to my back issues, it is extremely true.

This weekend (or rather Monday) I will be finishing Norbert the Basset HOund in Great Britain, and Ritzie the Queen of the Kitties, which will be very exciting because I have been working on them for sooooo long !! Then I will move onto SUKI, little PINKIE, and CHARISSA after that!!! YIPEE!!

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