Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ink drawing stage

Here is a portrait that is at the ink drawing stage. It's of Novia, a kitty who lives in NYC. She is very cute. i really like the feel of this one so far; it seems very folky to me and that is just what i was going for with it.

back update:

I'm going to two appointments tomorrow - my one-month PT evaluation, as well for an initial assessment/evaluation from another health-care source, the Spine Center in Boston. I am not fully satisfied with my current care, not to mention my recovery is up and down, and that's with doing everything I am supposed to do. I am doing the best I can but I am not improving enough. Not only have I been in a holding pattern since last Thursday, I have gotten worse since I am now also feeling significant pain in my left leg and side of my back. The process of navigating through the medical minefields is almost as daunting as dealing with the everyday pain and lack of mobility from this thing. Stressful!

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