Thursday, December 15, 2005

quickie post

BACK update/life update:
Back at work, feeling great! My third day back at work and things are going fine. My work station is raised, and it is FAB, I'm really happy. I am feeling really good, better every day, and I am so so happy about that. I have physical threrapy tonight. I started using real live weights at last Monday's session! It was exciting!! I am continuing my recovery at a good pace.


Still working on:
Ritzie the queen of the kitties
Norbert the Basset Hound in London

Novia, kitty in NYC

Charissa (finally finally finally!! :) )
Pinkie (ditto!)
Suki (ditto again!)

And...great news!!! A national doggie magazine of which I am a big fan will be using one of my illustrations in the next upcoming issue!! I am SO excited, proud, and honored!! :) FUN STUFF!!! :)

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