Thursday, December 01, 2005


Pampered reviews my product and service in this month's edition! I am so excited and proud to have been given the opportunity to immortalize little Merry!! Yay!!! I love Merry (and Pampered Puppy too, of course) and I know that little Merry has a ton of fans, other than me. So, to have this opportunity to do Merry's portrait, well, it was such an exciting challenge because everybody knows Merry and everybody knows every wrinkle on her cute little face and every twinkle in her eye. Every hair on her little furry head. Every little doggie mole on her cute little mug.

Anyway, it was a great and fun challenge once I got past the initial sitting down to work freak-out. Honestly, when I first sat down to actually draw the sketch, I had a stress-freeze which lasted approximately two hours, and consisted of me starting a completely different portrait and then chucking it. How to portray this doggie that everyone knows and loves so much? That people visit every day to see what kind of doggie mischief she is up to? I mean, she is kind of all of our dog, in a way, because her cute and funny personality is shared with us almost every day. It was a little mentally exasperating at first!

It's funny, there is a saying that you should do what terrifies you. Now, I was way more on the excitied side of terrified, than on the terrified side of terrified, to do Merry's portrait. Once I had all of my information collected and the ideas all ready to go, I set out to work. I did a thumbnail of my idea to start (a thumbnail is a very small, rudimentary sketch which helps to block out your subject and other objects). This really helps with the big-picture - and shows how things will be laid out ahead of time so that you have a general direction mapped out. It's also helpful because it allows me to concentrate more on the DETAILS when I begin the real pencil sketch!! (yay).

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