Monday, January 16, 2006



Case Studies:
Three new Case Studies are up...

Norbert - the Bassett Hound in London
Novia - The NYC kitty
Ritzie - Queen of the Kitties

Price Increase...
I've increased prices on the 8 x 8, 7 x 10 ans 9 x 12 portraits. I thought I'd give a little insights in case you are curious as to what led to this decision.

Time Spent per portrait
I've been spending more and more time per portrait, not just in the actual artwork time, but also in the research for reference materials. It's extremely important to me to get as many of the details right as I can in each portrait and this requires research which takes more time.

My work has been steadily getting more and more detailed. It's the nature of my growth as an artist to continue this effort, and I love seeing new developments in my skills and knowledge base, and am very happy to see my expertise continue to grow. The increase in detail does require more time however and I am finding that I needed to build some of this time into my prices.

New Sizes...

In order to give more choices in price range, I've also introduced some new sizes, which I enjoy working in!

6 x 6
6 x 9
the new 7 x 10 size is the same size as my former 7 x 9. I'm just correctly identifying the size now.

Thanks for reading!!
Please enjoy the new Case Studies!!

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