Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Latest pet portrait news, Tues., Jan. 24

Got news!

My client (the one who seemed to be MIA) contacted me today! I am so happy, because I was a little concerned. She was fine, just away for a week. She really loves her portrait!! Which makes me so happy!! :) I love it, too! It's very moody and magical...with dragon flies, weeping willow trees in the background, a lake in the background, an outdoors, dusky, misty scene. And Molly is just a beautiful, regal doggie. I think she looks very wise. I absolutely loved doing this portrait.

It's such a great feeling to try to give the best of myself to each and every portrait. I try to channel the pet, in a way - I know that sounds totally hokey, but it's true! I look deep into their eyes in the photographs. I study them. I want to capture something special which is unique to their own individual spirit, and capture this feeling in the painting. It's this 'thing' which gives comfort to the pet's parents, when they gaze at their portrait time and time again.

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