Sunday, January 15, 2006


Pinkie photo courtesy of L. Hawthorne

Pinkie is one of my current client's doggies. This is the doggie that won Pampered Puppy's pet photo contest last July. Pinkie is an adorable and tiny chihuahua. She has three cats too, one of which makes an appearance in her portrait.

I love Pinkie's portrait theme partly because it reminds me of something from my childhood which I loved: My sister Nancy had one of those Barbie dream houses, and I coveted it! (Actually, I was completely nuts for any and all things Barbie - it was the beginning of my total fashion obsession in my earlier years, which has now mellowed to more of just an 'interest'). I loved all the pink, colorful, tiny stuff - the tiny plastic shoes! Everything was so small and detailed and cute and, well, doll-house-ish- but all with a modern-girl twist. Now, I was never a fan of doll houses per se, but there was something so cool to me about that Barbie dream house and all other Barbie-brand trappings. (I honestly was obsessed. I'll admit it).

Anyway, Pinkie in some ways reminds me of a real live little doggie living in the middle of that fun Barbie dream house, if that dream house was actually suited for little doggies instead of a plastic lady.

Pinkie is, in every way, shape and form, truly a pampered puppy. And, she loves pink, too! :)

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