Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Lucky 7" Referral Program

I am instituting a new referral program. This is pretty much the soft launch. I've been planning to put together a postcard mailing campaign to send to all of my past clients, but I have not done it as of yet, and I keep collecting more and more clients who fall into the 'past' tense...and, well, for now I will just loud-speaker it here for all to enjoy!! :)

"Lucky 7" Pet Portrait Referral Program

It goes like this...

If one of my clients racks up 7 portraits to their credit through any of the following:

-Their own purchase
-A friend's purchase whom they referred
-The purchase of a gift certificate

they will receive one of my 6x6 sized original pet portraits for FREE (150. value)!

The fine print:

-The referral is only good for 7 PORTRAIT referrals, not 7 PET referrals - - so if you refer a freind who gets two 2-pet portraits, that only counts as 2 towards your goal, not 4.

-The Lucky 7th portrait must be redeemed within 6 months. This means: from the time of your being granted the Lucky 7th portrait, you will need sign up for your free portrait by getting on my Portrait Wait List. Your portrait will not necessarily be completed in six months' time. For instance, if you redeem your Lucky 7th portrait four months' after you receive the honor by contacting me to sign in and getting placed on the waiting list at that point, I may still have a three-month waiting list at that point, and would not get to your Lucky 7th Portrait until 7 month's after you received the Lucky 7th Portrait honor.


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