Friday, February 10, 2006

Fun Friday Pet Tip

I want to mention Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl II (which aired last weekend opposite the Super Bowl) as a good TV program to keep the doggies content while you're doing whatever business at home that you need to take care of. It was obviously created to be watched during commercial breaks because it's basically just a bunch of cute puppies playing around and rough-housing in a football-inspired doggie play pen. My pug Ruby seemed to really enjoy the show (Daisy her sister was sleeping so I couldn't gauge her reaction, but she is the sardonic one and probably would have rolled her eyes at it anyway). I decided to Tivo it because after seeing Ruby's involvement, I thought it would be the perfect thing to keep her entertained during those times when we need a TV pug-sitter. :)

1 comment:

Nancy Stockdale said...

You are so right, kathy! Orson was enraptured watching that show--especially the kitty half time! LOL