Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Irish Princesses

Bunny & Martha are all inked in! I'm really excited to begin painting them in.

(Edited to add:)

Notes on the Bunny & Martha portrait

-There are little clovers which dot the border on both sides.

-Left border sports a celtic design, right border has a nice tree with ivy design.

-The bottom scroll which sports Bunny & Martha's names is decorated with a harp.

-The top flag says Princess Bunny & Princess Martha.

-Bunny's collar also has a little flag on it which reads "St. Bunny", her nickname.

-Martha wears her kilt coat which is a shout out to her family's Scottish heritage.

-Both girls wear crowns; Martha's is based on the claddagh design and Bunny's is a more traditional crown design.

-There are two castles in the distance (presumably, one for each doggie to rule over, but close enough to have tea-time every day)

-The landscape is that of an Irish countryside

-The flowers n the landscape are indigenous to Ireland

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