Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday - Blue is finished.

Finished painting Blue last night. I am really happy with it - it' a really nice painting and a bit different than many of my other paintings. It's more painterly, I guess, in a way. Blue is pretty tightly rendered - but to play off of this, I went looser in the background painting and used a lot of scumbling - or I guess maybe more of a dry glaze (overpainting but with a dryish brush/paint to give a thicker glaze of paint) - to layer the paint. It has an outdoorsy, woodsy, and natural feeling. The colors and the tones I used are all very earthy, yet there is some real color play between Blue and the backdrop. I find it very refreshing and I really enjoyed the process. I love to be 'in the zone' during the painting process. I sometimes can't believe that i went so long without picking up a paintbrush or pen. It's so obvious to me that this is my life's work.

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