Friday, March 03, 2006

New Pet Shops -and lowdown on dog magazines

New Pet Shops...

Happy Friday!
There are three new pet portrait shops today. Bunny & Martha, Katie Kitty Cat and Princess Merry (YES, Pampered Puppy's Merry, the one and only!!! :) ) The first two are brand new portraits and Merry's I did a few months ago, but I had not put together the store until just now. So there you go. :)

In other news...
There is a NEW doggie maggie which I can't wait to check out. It's regional; a Las Vegas production called Lucky Dog (great name). looking forward to subscribing to that one.

Also, I happened upon one other doggiemaggie which I'd never even heard of (no wonder, it's a UK production) called K9. Looking forward to checking out their web site when I have a little time. (Looks heavily celebrity-ish on first peek. Just an observation! :) )

Lastly on the maggie front, I want to alert all doggie mag lovers to Wag magazine. They have a fresh new design, PLUS, either excerpts or the whole last 2005 and first 2006 issues are downloadable, on line! Yes, this is not a joke. So go, read! Check out! Then subscribe, because we like them and we want them to keep publishing their funny, cute doggie rag. :) Cool!!!

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