Sunday, April 23, 2006

check out my new studio / 'office space' !!

This is my old studio space - our dining room
Note how this photo avoids the dining room table, which was covered with my work stuff at the time...

HEY - - We got the Dining Room back!!!

THIS is my fabulous NEW studio / office space...

This pic shows the table and the utility shelving.

Here is a small cart which functions as a workspace - it has casters so I can move it wherever I need it. The rattan trunks are (bottom) storage, and (top) my file folders (of which I need more now). the poster is are from one of my favorite illustrators, J. Otto.

Here is the shelving detail.

Ruby hanging out in her normal spot - the doggie bed under my drawing table.

For the past year and a half, I had been literally hijacking the dining room from my family (with their blessing, of course). First, I worked AT the dining room table. Then, after my herniated disc issue I could no longer sit and got a standing workstation, which we promptly put smack dab in the center of the dining room (see the very first picture) - rearranging the actual dining room table so that it functioned as my very large, very disorderly 'desk'.

I am happy to report that I now have, officially, my very own new home-based studio / office space!! I am so thrilled with this space! It allows me easy access and easy set-up of printer and scanner, which were previously in my husband's storage room upstairs (which is not at all set up as a working office space). My external hard drives are within easy reach now, with less room for the wires to drive all of us crazy and pose a potentially hazardous situation to anyone who innocently walks though or around them - be you four- or two-legged. I am no longer running up and down stairs, with us feeling like we were swallowed up by the dining room table, which previously was taking over our whole entire living space (if not physically, then mentally) just by it's very existence of disorganization. Everything has a place now, and it 's not 'in your face' 24/7. A HUGE relief. Let's just say that both me and Matt feel like we have taken a 'mental bath'!!

My new space has allowed me to save a lot of time, mental focus and is doing away with mental clutter now that I have ample space for everything and everything has a home. I don't have to smush together my stamps with postcards, rubber bands, business cards and envelopes. I don't have to squeeze all of my packaging materials into one small 11wx14hx10d drawer separated by 8.5x11pieces of chipboard. My printing papers all have a place - each their own shelf, not needing to be piled together anymore!! It's great!


nancyrosetta said...

Your new space looks great! I am jealous as my kitchen table is my workspace...for now. Someday I will take over the music room (spare bedroom with all sorts of musical equipment you can think of). Good Job!

Rebecca said...

You go girl, you seem very well organized! Thanks for sharing, and congrats on having the dining room table back in your life. I am fortunate to have a spare bedroom for my office and the work clutter still moves out on to the dining room table quite often.