Friday, April 14, 2006

Finished Pirate Doggies!!!

Skylar, Dawson, Kiara (front), Tai-Pan & Arwen

Here is the completed portrait of five doggy pirates: ( l to r ) Skylar, Dawson, Kiara, Tai-Pan (on the rock) and Arwen (the chihuahua mermaid)! It came out amazing - I am extremely proud of it. (The JPGs are a little muddy and you can't make out a lot of the detail due to the file size compression, but I think it gives a good idea) It was a very big undertaking ( five pets in one portrait is not the norm for me) but I would not trade the experience at all - their mom is a wonderful lady who is extremely caring and incredibly artistic with a very detailed and creative imagination! She jumped right in and offered up all kinds of great reference material as well as thoughts and musings on all of the doggies. I got to know each of the specific doggies' personalities quite well throughout the process! what a complimentary group of personalities!

(l to r) Dawson, Kiara & Tai-Pan

Skylar ( l ) & Dawson

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