Friday, May 05, 2006 Cool Site of the Day 5/4/06

I missed my own party! Ha ha. Well, it wasn't a party...but I *did* make's "Cool Site of the Day" for May 4, 2006. Pretty cool! So, belated 'celebration' of sorts.

Surfin' around the Dogmark site, which is mostly links to other cool sites of many, many days, I came across just the coolest, cutest "dog on board" stickers. I just love the design of these, they are really adorable. Just *my kind of design*! :) Thanks Dogmark for adding good design to the world. folks, there's just so much *bad design* out there that you gotta celebrate the little things, you know what I mean?

And for further celebration, here is a new pet portrait artist who is so cute I just want to pinch her cheeks! Okay, I don't actually know what she looks like and of course that does not matter. What matters is that her paintings are of the super-cute variety. They're fun, and silly, and just kind of charming. I am a fan of folk and outsider art, and her paintings, to my mind and eye, are reminiscent of both. I hope to have my pugs done by her. Her company name is "Smile Doggie" and I think it matches the personality of her style quite well.

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