Friday, May 12, 2006

Inspiring Art...and a little about my drawing childhood

I found some artwork that I would like to have in my house at Thumbtack Press by an artist named Heiko. It's just not often that I come across a pen and ink artist whose work is so inspiring to me - someone whose artwork touches on some of the subject matter/symbolism/visual fodder that mine always has and whose work just captures a mystical feel in some respect with a child-like sensibility in some respect, in a way completely different than mine. I really like this artist's work and I'll probably buy something of his at some point, maybe more than one something.

I know it might be hard to imagine what other kinds of work I've done besides pet portraiture because it is now so all-encompassing to my creative life. I am thrilled with the positive response to my artwork and it's some of the most gratifying work I've ever produced, if not the most gratifying work. But that's hard to quantify (ok, impossible), it's subjective, and it's not a contest anyway. :) I've done a lot of art work in my life, used a lot of different mediums, a lot of different subject matters and different types have been appealing to various other art audiences. Some favorite past and present subject matter is: carnival symbolism, planets and solar system, many groupings of symbolism - luck symbols, mystical symbols, symbols of Las Vegas, Baroque Art, New Orleans architecture, Circuses, Carnivals, Freakshow art, Mexican art, Folk art, outsider art. I like to look at tattoo art and find some of it inspiring although I don't have any tattoos myself, love palm trees, all symbols of Polynesia, desert cactus and insects. I love to create surreal environments and have drawn a lot of this stye of art. At some point when I have a few extra hours I will post some of my non-pet portrait artwork. I've done plenty of fuzzy cute bunnies too. Now that I am thinking of all that I have done, I am thinking of all the artwork I would like to post on the web - just as an online portfolio of personal artwork. I think if you like my art work, you might enjoy that.

I have done small (in size) art most of my life, from 9x12 sketchbooks or drawing pads on down. I guess I went small by default. It was always easier to curl up in a corner with a sketchbook and draw then it would be to draw on a large easel, making a grand statement! I would always see people painting on easels on TV or in books or magazines, and it always seemed so foreign to me. The natural position to create a drawing for me was sitting at a table - a flat table. That's what kids do - well, that's what I did. And drawing was just about all I did as a kid! So small it was.

I drew on TV Guides, and various magazines and newsprint as well as sktech books. I didn't discriminate. Paper was paper. I usually drew with a ball-point pen, and pencils, too. But the pen feeling of a ball-point on newsprint is just really fun. Kinda squishy and the ink is very saturated. It sinks right into the newsprint. so I usually 'doodled' on every piece of newsprint available. There was usually a TV Guide around the house to defile.

Oh well, rambling over. This weekend I have three portraits to work on:

Tumbles the chihuahua, Daisy and Linus, and a new one: Oreo, Sylvia and Grimmy!

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