Monday, May 29, 2006

Surtex was GREAT...

ME (Mary Englebreit) and ME (Kathy Weller)

Last week, I attended Surtex as I mentioned in previous post. It was eye-opening, a little bit daunting, but overall extremely inspiring, in so many ways. I took a bunch of classes, and I attended the opening night yacht party. I went by myself (no it is not something I normally would do, but I figured it would be good to get thrown into the water without a preserver - the worst that would happen is I'd eat alone and make no friends for the three hour cruise and well, you just have to put yourself out there every now and then, right?) and actually met two really nice guys who invited me to sit at their table! (Maybe they saw the desperation in my eyes, ha ha) Honestly, if I had known ahead of time that the social mixer was not going to be MC'ed and there would not be any party games - you know, those social party games MC's get you to participate in when there are a bunch of people in a room who don't know each other - than I most likely would not have gone. This was nothing like that, but you know what? I had fun, and was so glad I went after having met the nice guys from Verbeek & Van Den Broek, Chris and Robert. Very very nice people. We had a great time!

Anyway the conference was, as I said, a real eye-opener. The GREAT thing is, I am still extremely inspired and motivated to work on licensing my art work, in fact I am way more so than before. I feel like now, I have the tools to do so, more than before. You can read books and books and books, but meeting the people in the industry, seeing what other people are doing, and seeing what sells first hand in just the way to go. And I get to experience it all over again on a bigger, "Six-Flags" type of scale, in less than a month, at Licensing International Show!! Whoppee!! that one's going to be full-on saturation since I am taking a full load of classes for four days. I'll be eating my Wheaties that's for sure.

The last day of the show, I got to attend a seminar given by Mary Englebreit! She was charming and had a sense of humor that I could relate to - I liked her instantly. not an ounce of pretense - just a cool lady. Here is a photo of her and I/ boy was I thrilled to meet her. What an inspiration she is!! (Thanks to Judy from Painted Planet Licensing for taking this pic of me and ME)

I know what you're saying..."Enough already" on my other projects....I hear you, I hear you...

ON to the PET PORTRAITURE!!!!!!!

Just completed:
ink drawing of Oreo, Sylvia and Grimmy (who is my first Brussels Griffon)! How fun! See it here - scroll down to the Ink Stage.

Next up is Cedar, the Dessert-loving doggie, and Maxim the Maltese! Owen Maxwell the beach bunny cat's coming up at some point, too.

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Anonymous said...

Fun! And that's some serious traveling around. Tempted to stop by Licensing show too - Vegas is only about 4 hours from me. Will have to look it up. Where are you traveling from?