Saturday, July 15, 2006

Remember Merry?

You all know Merry the Princess Pug from Pampered Puppy, right? Remember last year, when I did the portrait of Merry as Princess and the Pea, but with doggie beds that looked like Margaret Braun's splendid cakes?? Well, Merry's mom got the picture framed and she shared it with me yesterday. Take a look at this beautiful framing job she got done for the Merry portrait.
It looks wonderful!!

New portraits: Be sure to check out the new updates on the What's Cookin' page. See an inked in Honey the Egyptian Chihuahua Princess, and see the pencil sketch revisions to Maxi the adorable little Maltese! (scroll down past Honey)

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Chickengirl said...

Oh whoh- you do pet portraits- how awesome is that! I just went and peeked at your much fun :-) Thanks for visiting my blog!