Thursday, August 03, 2006

Final portrait proof of Maxim

I completed Maxim Cosimo De Winter's portrait last night. He is an adorable little Maltese. Here is one pic of the final portrait, and you can see a close up on my What's Cookin' Final Portrait page. I love the way this portrait came out - I like the soft qualty of the colors fading into each other and I am particularly fond of the texture I have been able to create in watercolor without the use of any thickening agents at all. I never liked additives myself. I guess it is similar to how I appreciate just plain coffee or espresso or cappuccino to the Caramel MAcchiatos of the world...anyway, hope you enjoy.

Next up: Trevor and Jackson, two beautiful Greyhound dogs, Owen Maxwell at the Beach, andPixel is the next one on the drawing board - that's my first pet portrait for another pet portrait artist! Very exciting!

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Leigh said...

Your work is so great ! I love the detail in each portrait. So different than my work. I just love seeing all your portraits.