Thursday, August 31, 2006

Project Runway recap - Jetsetters

Uli-Brilliant as always, but too safe for her! Not a practical travel outfit either. All that material could get stuck in dangerous places.

Jeffrey-Rockin'. Can't find anything too critical to say about him, except he should really mind his manners.

Kayne-Got a bum rap. They should not criticize his personal style! I feel that his Las Vegas Showman style is perfectly realistic, and valid, in our world today. You might not *like* it, but tough. It's here to stay and it is not going anywhere. Vegas insiders are among the jet-setters of this world and Kors, Klum et. al. unacceptance of that is unfair. Their criticism of Kayne's was personal not professional and that is just wrong. Poor Kayne.


Vincent-I couldn't decide if his outfit was just painfully minimalist or just undercooked. Once I saw the pocket flaps on the pants, I decided it was undercooked. But alas, his was not the worst outfit of the night so again he's in under the wire. He's sort of like the male Angela in that I often wonder how on earth he doesn't get kicked out, week after week. His inability to accept criticism is also scary.

Laura-ok, it's not something I would feel comfortable in but I am not a jet-setter. Perfection! The drape!

Michael-Ok, he can leave now. He is the perfect contestant, creates just (and I mean *J * U * S * T * ) what the judges are looking for, has NO ego when it comes to criticism - and not only that, it inspires him further. In other words, is he human?Scary... (good scary I mean)

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mrs. b. said...

i can't decide who i want to win, jeffrey, or michael! rest assured, i'll be watching! i don't know how the redhead is keeping up, i was so tired during my pregnancies, and she's on her fifth or sixth one!! love all the work on your site, the social expressions stuff looks great!