Saturday, September 02, 2006

My Kathy! (Griffin)

Love Her!!

Saw KG last night at Hampton Beach Casino in NH with my friend Jen.
All I can say is WOW - there must have been a puddle of drool on the floor five inches in front of my stool by the end of the night. She fired away like a machine gun and kept us all in the palm of her hand. I was laughing, and on the edge of my seat, for the entire night!! WOW is she good! She is just hilarious. Oh, I wish that I had a DVD of this performance. She was totally on! what a pro.

Ok, enough of my gloating over KG. Here is a partial set list which she bestowed upon us oh so lovingly:

-Scientology and how it works

-Celebs of Scientology (John Travolta and Kirstie are among those elaborated upon)

-Clay Aiken (great riff on KG running into him! perfect)

-Ryan Seacrest (WOW! Eye-opening... a long, sordid story)

-Iraq (GREAT story about a "rough-housing" incident...and Kathy's First Ambien Experience)

-Oprah and Gail, an enlightening discovery about their relationship

-Renting Christie Brinkley's digs in Parrot Bay, right around the time of her recent Scandal

-Larry King Live (killer impression of LK)

-Emmy's (a riff on Leah Remini that is funny, plus some stuff I missed when I went to the bathroom)

-Video Music Awards (which I completely forgot all of this material...maybe I am imagining things! I was only drinking water...)

-American Idol Finale (excellent story starring Kathy, Jennifer Coolidge, Prince, Clay and -Meatloaf & Catherine McPhee)

-Oh Oh OH!!! and last but not least, an EXCELLENT impersonation of Liz Taylor on Larry King Live.

-Religious people taking the Lord's name in vein more than anyone else (case in point, her mom)

-Her parents and how Bravo has asked for them in every episode

Oh there was so much more! But can't remember right now!

Kathy is no-filler, no 'commercial breaks'. Who needs a subscription to Star magazine after seeing Kathy's act? She out-star's Star!! Kathy delivers not only great entertainment but also provides the all-important up-to-the-minute Hollywood news summary!

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