Monday, September 11, 2006

Pixel Chiffon Pie and Trevor & Jackson Portraits Complete!

See new completed portraits: Pixel (above) and Trevor & Jackson, on my What's Cookin' Final Portraits page! Make sure to scroll down the page to see both portraits. I have several other portraits in the works - Kiki & Chico the Chihuahuas in a Japanese Garden landscape, and Azucar the adorable Havanese doggie - both are viewable on the (What's Cookin' Pencil Sketch page). Both I am very much looking forward to continuing work on - each is extremely unique. Each portrait has special traits which are a first in my portraiture! Azucar has a Cuban landscape and a charming whimsical quality about it. Kiki and Chico has an interesting twist to the composition which is not typical of my portraits but seems to fit in very well, and also features a Koi pond. I'm looking forward to continuing work on both of them.

Along with those, I have two others on the drawing board very soon: Noodle, a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Blackie a sweet-faced Eskimo doggie.

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