Thursday, November 23, 2006

i need more time

i need more time for the one million ideas i have yet to put to paper or stylus. i need 1,000 extra hours a week to accomplish everything i wish to accomplish with my artwork, with my life! before i die. even if i didn't have the full-time job, there still wouldn't be enough time. on any given day there are so many projects i want to contribute to, make progress and see progress on. how do people get everything done that they want to do in one lifetime??

i decided this year, just work on everything. don't wait. divide the time. because there is never going to be a good time, the right time. time to put aside. you have to elbow everything in - well, everything that you can elbow in at any given time, and then you might have to cut your losses once in a while (for instance if you are too busy with one project to take on another in a given time frame). but for the most part, don't wait. because life doesn't wait for you.

the happy side effect is that the more i do, the more highly productive i become. it's crazy but true. i've been doing a lot at once for the past three years, and i've been able to steadily squeeze out more and more creative work from myself within a given time frame. i've surprised myself a lot by what i've been able to accomplish. so now, i just regularly expect more from myself because i know that i will deliver. (can i put in a plug here for making lists? works for me.) in the past three years, my design and illustration work has grown by leaps and bounds. it seems the more you work, the better you get. the more you want to do. the more ambitious you become with your work. things just organically grow based on the goals you have for your work, and you begin to work really hard on everything. and good things happen from that.

i hope i continue to live a really long (and healthy and happy) life, so i can accomplish as much as i can. my work brings me true happiness. how many people can say that and mean it?

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