Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My first The Pet Shop Newsletter

I sent my first Cafe Press / The Pet Shop newsletter email! Only took me two some-odd years to do it. But, I have so much news this month, thought it was a great time to do it! ...Okay, are you dying with curiosity?

Here is the info in the email...I will post it here because I can only send it out once, and since I already sent it out, it's too late to sign up for this one - that's how the tool works (it's all done through the nice folks at Cafe Press). I also am not privy to my list of subscribers; I only know how many I have. It's a smart way for them to do things to cover themselves legally (I am guessing, with "can-spam act" and everything) and as a shopkeeper I am glad that they have this system in place because the last thing I want to do is spam anyone.

Now, if you enjoy my geeky copyrighting skills (..or not) but you do enjoy my artwork enough, please get over to The Pet Shop to sign up for my email newsletter (the sign-up box in the left vertical nav bar) and look forward to another email newsletter a couple of years from now! ;) j/k

The Pet Shop Email - Kathy Weller Pet Portraiture - Happy Holidays 2006!

November 22, 2006

In This Issue:

2007 Pet Portrait Calendar is Here's Best Pet Portraitists!
Kathy's in Modern Dog magazine!
What's Cookin'?


1. 2007 Pet Portrait Calendar is Here

Been barking for a wall calendar with some real bite? The 2007 Kathy Weller Pet Portraiture 12-Month Calendar is one worthy of begging! Enjoy a uniquely different portrait to ring in each month, and meet some prized pets with a penchant for the peculiar in the process! You, your dog and your cat will all bark and meow with delight!

(Right now, it's even on sale for $16.79 (reg. 20.99) Sale ends 12/03.



2.'s Best Pet Portraitists!

Urbanhound, an online pet community and resource web site portal recently named KWPP as one of their top-pick Pet Portraitists! Read the review, and check out the other artists, too. Wow, I am in some great company - what an honor! Check it out!



3. Kathy's in Modern Dog magazine!

See Kathy's illustrations in the Astrology feature in the Winter 2006 - 2007 issue of Modern Dog magazine. Look for it on your newsstands or at your local Border's Books and Music!



4. What's Cookin'?

Want to see the latest portrait works in progress? Check out the What's Cookin' pages! Updated frequently, these are the web pages where I post portrait works-in-progress for client proofing purposes, but it's fun for just about anyone to see the how the works change throughout each stage of pencil, ink and finished portrait. Be sure to check the pages regularly to see What's Cookin'!



Dear friends,
I wish everyone a happy, healthy and *peaceful* Holiday season. Enjoy your time together with your loved ones and don't forget to give Fido or Fifi a few extra healthy treats (ETA: "healthy" because I don't want to promote pet obesity ;) ;) I do have two pugs to think about, ya know... ) and a few extra hugs.

Best wishes,

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