Sunday, February 04, 2007

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Majeak Ann!

RULES: People who get tagged need to write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Six weird things about me:

1) I sleep with a stuffed animal every night.

2) I have 100+ exercise DVDs. (I also have a treadmill, a stairstepper, a bosu, stability and medicine balls, jump rope, a mini trampoline, free weights and exercise bands. Bit of an enthusiast... :) :) )

3) I continue to collect cavities in my teeth despite faithful visits to my dentist every six months and practicing good oral hygiene.

4) I keep a Glo Worm in my purse with me.

5) I can blow spit bubbles off my tongue.

6) If I come across a penny (or any other small change) on the street, I always pick it up, thank the universe for it and put it in my pocket. My feeling is that, by not picking up found money on thew street when you come across it, you are basically telling the universe that don't want or need any more money. But, by picking it up and being truly thankful for it, you are telling the universe that you welcome more money and other positive abundance into your life, and that you are a worthy and responsible receiver.

OKAY! Must tag others now! :)

I now tag Andi,Claudine, Nicole, Shirley, Muffin, Geninne.


claudine hellmuth said...

hey you! thanks for the tag! I did this one already but would love to do it again! I'll think of my 6 things :)

Geninne said...

Dear Kathy, your weirdness is most interesting :-) Someone beat you to it and tagged me last week, you can check it out here:

Thanks 4 the tag :-)

Majeak Ann said...

Oh I did enjoy reading it so much!
About the penny on the floor, that's so true, you also had a very nice way to put it.
Glow worm keyhain???I never had one of those, but always attracted to the big ones, or wanted one when I was little.
You have so many pretty things inside, I can tell. that's why you make such wonderful things.
Thanks for doing it Kathy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how fun! Thanks for the tag! I'm sure I won't have to think too hard, I'm awfully weird to begin with! ; ) Your oddities are fun!! Blogger won't let me sign in, so I'm under 'anonymous'!

a : )

annax said...

Ah love your post! It is great to be weird :)
I had to smile about your stuffed animals, since my room is full of them, and there is usually small children hiding amongst them in my home.
I don't have any exercise dvd's though, I have given up on my insane exercise regime, and enjoying life more now.
And we were always taught to pick up small change on the streets, and told that if you do not honour the small, you don't really deserve the big... ((if that makes any sense, since it is from a dutch saying:))

Thanks for your comment on my blog, by the way.