Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The photos

All photos © Stephanie Mitchell

All photos © Stephanie Mitchell

Here are some of the photos my friend Steph took of me.
(I had a photo shoot with Steph the other day because I need a publicity photo for a project I am working on! :)). The pugs are my doggies Ruby and Daisy! Ruby is in the photo looking straight ahead. Daisy is the one who is looking up at me. Hope you enjoy the photos!

If you can correctly guess which one I used for my promotional photo, I'll put your name in a drawing for a package of bunny cards!!! :) :) :) I'll do the drawing on Sunday! :)


cameo said...

I guess the last one, because if I were you, that's the one I would use :) I LOVE your PUGS!

Kathy Weller said...

Camoe, I checked out your work and it is great!!!! Nice sketches and paintings, love YOUR pugs, too!!
PS my pugs THANK you and they are blushing too!!

cameo said...

Aw thanks! :) I don't have any pugs although I really want one. That photo is me with someone ELSE'S pug :D I hope I can get one soon but right now we just have chinchillas :) I wish I could see your pugs blushing XDh

Diane Duda said...

i like the first two, but i'm guessing the second one. it's my favorite. your dogs are sweet!

Frizz said...

I LOVE the second one - that's my guess!

lil kim said...

i was going to say the 2nd one too. i also like the 4th one though, but i'll stay with #2 cause that dog's just so cute and it's a great photo.

haven't visited your blog in a while. you've got such inspiring work! great style.

Chickengirl said...

wow these are lovely pics and you look great in all of them! I am guessing the second or the fourth one. But all are fabulous!

esillustration said...

Aw!!!!! They're so cute!!!!! WOW I love your pug! Pugs are my brother's favorite creature so I made a drawing for him not too long ago of pug bees for his birthday :-)

Kathy Weller said...

You guys are great for not throwing rotten tomaotoes at me for not doing this drawing yet. Sorry.. I will complete this contest this week!

Thanks for all the nice comments about the pics and OF COURSE about my PUGS!!!! They are the best friends one could ask for.