Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy accidents

You know when you are working on something, and you go through these stages of the work while you are working on it, and you come to a point where think you just made a BIG mistake, a HUGE mistake, a mistake you can't take back? ...But then, after awhile - and sometimes it happens after just coming back to it the next day - it turns out that the mistake was really just another stage of the work? In the two pieces I have completed since finishing the big project last week, I've had that experience. This one, which I just completed tonight, made a complete 180 turnaround after that phase. I am really happy with the way that it turned out. :) Hope you enjoy.


barbjn said...

Kathy, I love that piece. I'd love to see it up close. So dreamy looking, which is good since the little girl is in bed.Is it part of a book?

Kathy Weller said...

Thanks B!!
Nope, it's not part of a book. I started it as a 'portfolio piece' (for lack of a better word), and if it turned out well, I planned to use it in my portfolio.

Thanks for the note and encouragement!