Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Months book - I'm so excited!

My first illustrated children's book, "The Months: Fun With Friends All Year 'Round" by Sara Coleridge, illustrated by Kathy Weller (yes, that's me!), published by Lobster Press and with a release date of September 30, 2007, is now listed on and available for pre-order!!! Horray!!!! It's so exciting!!!!

As the release date draws nearer, I am looking forward to *celebrating* the release of the book in many different ways, some of which that will be *USEFUL* and *FUN* for kids to enjoy!!! :)

I hope you enjoy the news, and look forward to seeing the book in it's entirety!!!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! This is fabulous news, I am going to pre order my copy right now! : )

Kathy Weller said...

YAY!!! Thanks Mrs. B!!!!!! :):):)

roz said...


Halloweenville said...

ok i didnt realuze this had its own post -


this is amazing!!! i am so happy for you, and you totally deserve it! woohoo! i cant wait to get it!!

*anxiously awaiting september*

June said...

This is wonderful, congratulations are indeed in order. I hope the book does really well for you, and that it is the first of many more.