Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tex and Sugar - A Big City Kitty Ditty

This is a wonderful new children's picture book starring two delightful Cowboy & Cowgirl Kitties!!
Check out Tex and Sugar: A Big City Kitty Ditty, by Barbara Johansen Newman. Johansen Newman has illustrated numerous (numerous!!) children's books in her really fun, whimsical, detailed and very colorful style, and this is her FIRST one as both Author AND Illustrator!! Yay!!!!! :)

This book is SO charming - - in both words AND pictures. I just picked it up from Amazon myself, and was quite blown away by the gorgeous, detailed-yet-lighthearted artwork. The overall design of the book is also very beautiful and well-done: the cover art is fabulous - it's a show-stopper. There's some cool eye-catching red-foil detailing, and a rich, deep colors (this photo doesn't do it justice - it's spectacular).

Plus, the story is a total charmer. I am a sucker for rhyming prose, and the story is written in rhymes! (When I write my first children's book, I think it will be written rhyme-style, because that is just the way I like to write! So she's speaking my language here with the fun rhyming style of the story!)

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