Thursday, April 12, 2007

Who put the B in Ballyhoo?

I was just minding my own biz, studying the workshops available at the upcoming NE SCBWI Conference, so I could make well-informed choices from the offerings, doin' 'due diligence'.... Didn't for a second even consider taking the "Dirty Pixels" class. I work digitally (primarily design, some illustration) at my day job, and, while I love, embrace, wouldn't want to live without digitally creating art, I have been busy building my freelance illustration career primarily in traditional media, thus far. At some point, I will definitely add a digital style, but at the moment, the development of a new digital style is not on the radar... so, I was really merely goofing off when I googled Carlyn Beccia (the "Dirty Pixels" lecturer), just to get a fix on her aesthetic. No intention of taking the seminar.
I wasn't prepared to be blown away. I think I need to attend this lecture now, after all...

Check out her work:

Carlyn Beccia

Who Put The B in Ballyhoo

I mean...


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