Saturday, May 19, 2007

I am back from NE SCBWI Conference

I am back!

Iam tired (and happy, it is a good, worthwhile type of tired) and my head is FULL of ideas. I now feel like I have some tools to write and illustrate my own books! I have learned some great ideas in which to frame the ideas for a children's book - ways that work for both the writer in my brain as well as the illustrator and ways which work in tandem. I have, for a long time, felt like I had these great stories locked inside but I lacked the proper 'language' to be able to execute. I needed a system. I think I have something to work with now. I can grow with this. I'm excited about this.

Hey, even on my bus ride home, despite getting wracked with motion-sickness, I churned out a rough draft of a new idea!! I've never completed a story idea to the end. I now have an ending for the first time in my life. And it works. I'm really getting somewhere. This is a big accomplishment. I'm in love!

I'll write a run-down of the weekend and post it soon.

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