Thursday, May 31, 2007

Meme: 8 Things...

Barbara Johansen Newman tagged me!! So, I get to share some oddities about myself with anyone who happens to be reading, here, all in the name of duty to my fellow-artist-bloggers.... :) To be honest, I'm kind of honored to be asked to share my mental lint.
Here we go..

Eight Things You Never Asked To Know About Me...
(Ok...there is nine...)

1) I have never had the desire to have biological children.
That's not to say that I am non-maternal, or don't ever want to have a kid. I might adopt some day, and I've always thought that if I decided to have human kids, adoption would be the way to go. I love kids (and the older I get, the more I love them!). But, I never felt the desire to have my own biological one. I am an excellent pet parent, though!

2) Speaking of pets, I am a pet portraiture artist.
I'm not sure how many people know this. It's not something I keep to myself but I don't talk about it here very much (I have another blog with pet portrait interests). It is really a wonderful thing to be able to experience getting to know other people's pets in the way that I am lucky to be able to, through the pet portrait process. I really love doing it, and I've met so many genuine and excellent people through the work. I keep in touch with many of them. People who adore their pets are, generally, an excellent bunch of people!!

3) I have been known to catch an informercial every now and again...
Occasionally, I will even (gasp!) try an infomercial product! (Cat's outta the bag!) Sometimes they're crap. But sometimes the products knock my socks off (ProActiv Solution, Bare Escentuals). And sometimes, they are really good (Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty), but it turns out they clash with my other informercial skin-care regimen. But that's another story for another day...

4) I bite my nails sometimes.
Icky habit? YES!!! But, then I stop. Then I might begin again a few months later. Oh well. It's probably my worst habit/vice, so I can't say I'm doing too bad. I think it tops my "decaf coffee" habit...

5) Dark Chocolate - an important food group.
I only really like dark chocolate, and I like to try different "gourmet" chocolates. Two of my favorites are Cote D'Or and Lindt ( I doubt that Lindt is actually considered gourmet anymore - and it probably shouldn't be - but it is a sentimental favorite and is still really good, even with all the newbies on the market). I like 70% dark or more. I live in an area with easy access to the good stuff. Thank God.

6) I don't drive.
It's not that I don't want to. In fact, I'm a pretty good driver, if I do say so myself, for someone who doesn't drive. I took private driving lessons, and I even took my driver's test (twice). I failed both times. The State Trooper even recognized my problem as test nerves. But he still didn't pass me. Someday, I will dutifully go through the motions again. I do want to get my license.

7) I am a shameless TV - aholic.
Okay, maybe TV is my worst vice. But I'm not sure it counts, because my love for TV really outweighs my actual watching time these days. This is a vice is definitely under control. But, I don't just love TV though. I will even cop to watching a fair amount of choice reality TV. Survivor is my favorite show. I have every available season on DVD...and one of the seasons was even bought for me twice accidentally (a gift). This summer, there is a "this-should-hold-you-over-til-next-season's-Survivor" show called Pirate Master which I at least had to check out (not sure if it will stick). Amazing Race is another favorite! This summer I will jump in the mud ( ...or stick a foot in...) and watch new seasons of Hell's Kitchen and Big Brother. (Hey, a girl's gotta watch something while awaiting the new seasons of the "respectable" reality shows!) All of this docu-drama TV chat leads me into sharing a bonus thing...

7, part 2) I have a fascination with Everest.
I read Everest books, watch Everest documentaries. Everest holds endless fascination. Why anyone would be so magnetically drawn to conquer this beast of nature is beyond me. People leave their whole lives behind on a quest to climb Everest, knowing full well that they may not come back at all. If they do make it back, they have a pretty decent chance of having lost a body part to the mountain. I think my obsession with Everest encompasses all aspects of the Everest prism: The human drama! The pushing past human physical limitations - mind over body/matter! The mental anguish! Man against impossible-to-control natural forces! It's the whole ball of wax.

8) I'm crazy kuckoo about any type of asian fare.
Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, you name it. I've never tried an asian cuisine I didn't love. Maybe it is because I was introduced at an early age: my step-mom is Japanese and she introduced my sisters and I to the cuisine at an early age (way before sushi was trendy). I even like (Korean) tofu kimchee hot pot soup. I ordered it a few weeks ago at a Korean/Japanese restaurant. After my order was delivered to the table, I had the distinct feeling I was being watched, presumably to see if I had made a mistake in ordering the extremely spicy hot soup! Nope, no mistake. Just please keep the ice water coming!

I now must tag we go!

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cameo said...

You are so funny! We have a lot in common especially when it comes to food!

I also love dark chocolate - I had a friend who was a transfer student from Switzerland when I was a child so I think that's how THAT started.

Have you ever tried pho? If not you should try it! That stuff is so good!

I never would've pictured you as a major TV watcher though :D So funny!