Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For my birthday: BEASTS!

For my birthday, I got this book, Beasts. I was not aware of the book previously; my husband picked it out for me. It's put out by Fantagraphics and features many artists' work all under one high- concept roof. It's a showcase for the artists for sure, but to be fair to the text, which I have not read yet, it's quite an interesting concept and looks to be a very entertaining and creatively inspiring read as well. Although it features mythical creatures and some whimsical artwork, a children's book it is most certainly not. This is a gorgeous book, impeccaby designed down to the last detail. Check it out especially if you like graphic novels and 'alternative' or forward-thinking (for lack of a better description! I know we are all forward-thinking!! :) ) artwork and artists.

On a side note, I must say I was a bit surprised to see no Camille Rose Garcia work in here, but maybe she was too busy.

Anyway, check it out, if you are inclined. It's pretty groovy.

Beasts book on Amazon

Beasts Blog


Halloweenville said...

looks soo awesome!! i added it to my amazon cart!! woohoO!

Bob Flynn said...

Great book, grabbed it myself a little while back. Some big name in there---some amazing illustrations, some misses. How are you doing these days, Kathy?