Sunday, June 24, 2007

I think I'm about to be really busy

Today, I ordered Painter X and also CS3. I am still using CS. I cracked after holding out as long as I could. I felt that holding out longer was futile and was not going to serve me anymore. I don't want to be behine the curve, for one thing. For another, there are lots of great features in PS (and beyond) that I'm missing out on (which I'm learning all about from NAPP). Also, now that I have Flash under my belt from day job, I need to build some of my own work with Flash. Can't wait! But for now, it is great to just do some digital painting with my groovy Cintiq. This little fairy Funny Bunnies illustration is a photoshop/analog hybrid: analog ink rapidograph pen drawing, scanned, then photoshop painting galore. Enjoy!

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