Monday, June 18, 2007

Recent Cool Things I've Discovered

I found out about this from Scott Franson's blog. Thanks, Scott!!
Visit Kuler for some cool color palettes, and download the desktop widget - -SO COOL!

EDITED to add (6/24/07 ) :
If you plan to download the Desktop Widget, (which is really fun, and more importantly I've found it useful in real-use situations), please be prepared: the Download may be slightly flake-a-rama for you, and you may have to try a few times to have a successful download. Also please keep in mind that it's a two-step process: first, you need to download and install "Adobe Runtime" (AIR), then, you need to install the desktop widget application. So, two steps. But, it IS nifty, if you are enamored by what you see at the kuler web site, and you are a patient sort.

The Rookie Designer Podcast
It's not just for rookies. Informative and covers a lot of issues. Look it up on iTunes or visit the link above.

Freelance Switch Blog
Fun and some useful information here on running your business! There are several authors who post on different subjects. A worthwhile stop to poke around.

Edited to add...One More thing:
Free Online Form Creator!! Looks nice, too...


cameo said...

I love that "freelance switch" blog! Thanks for all the links :D

Chickengirl said...

oh great links. More places for me to surf to!!!